Monday, October 25, 2010

Tham Nhung

Tham Nhung:Corruption:Corruption is the result of an underdeveloped economy, economic management and social weak, the poor, create more loopholes for negative behavior, the phenomenon of corruption and other evils is the development and the environment in which political power becomes an economic power.

Tham Nhung lam camera su Phat trien Keane TE-Khoi Ha, Lam Tin GIAM long Cua Cong given VAO NHA Nuoc, Jen Chung MUC NAO Joe is not gay mat on định chính three, Keane TE-Khoi Ha. Corruption hinders economic growth and social and reduces the trust of citizens in government, to the extent that it caused political instability, economic and social.
The origins of corruption

Tham Nhung that xuất Hien rat catfish that chi Có Su Fang Jia Quyen Luc NHS hình thanh va Nuoc. Corruption occurs very early after the separation of powers and the formation of the state. Có ý Kien Chau called Tham Nhung bat nguồn that nen van hoa tai độc DJE CAO about Nhan, COI Chong Xen biếu. He argued that corruption is associated with authoritarian cultures promote private donations valuable crop. E Khac Kien Chau called: Hoi Ha Tay đổi SAS Chuan Zhao MUC’ve đức, Hoi Ha bien đổi pledge TUC, NEN Kinh those bien đổi Manh SINH RA Tham Nhung. Other comments said that changing social standards of ethics and social change infinitely strong economy generates corruption.

Tham Nhung Thuong xuất hon nhiều Hien that NAC peptide Kinh Nuoc Có those Kem Phat trien HOAc Có MUC Thurs nhập Bình quantum / đầu người Thap. Corruption appears most often in countries with less developed economies or the average per capita income is low. Tai SAS Nuoc no Con người Thuong Có ý Joe nám CAC CAO vı Cuong Trong hang NSU lãnh Zhao DJE Tham Nhung. In these countries, people often have the intention to hold a high position of leadership for corruption. Đối voi mot so Kinh Nuoc those Phat trien with MUC Thurs nhập Bình quantum / đầu người CAO, CAC about Nhan Có so Huu Tai San – longitudinal my bat đầu Tham Truong Gia chính DJE llamas lãnh Zhao. For some economically developed countries, average per capita income is higher, individuals have greater ownership of the property began to participate in political leadership.
Instrument identification:

Landowner Tac Gia Trong Tools Cuon Sach to support transparency in local governance (Cong cu ho tro Cho Tinh Minh Bach Trong Cong Tac Cai three O DJIA Phuong) Jah XAC định RA Qui Luat Hoat động Kwa Chong Tham Nhung Cong Thuc those dưới Quyen Dang Cong Thuc Nhu Cho TAM SAU: authors of tools to support transparency in local governance (support tool to ensure transparency in the work of local rulers) to determine the rules of corrupt activities, in practice, the right to form a temporary form as follows:

Tham Nhung (corruption) = Độc Kuen (Monopoly) tube a little tin belt (optional) – Trach nhiệm GIAI Trinh (accountability). Corruption (corruption) = Monopoly (Monopoly) withholding information (optional) – accountability (accountability).

Theo Cong Thuc TREN, with de Dang Nhan Tham Nhung Dang Trong Hien SAS biểu Kua No: Thua độc Quyen, Thua tube a little tin belt, Thieu (PHI) Trach nhiệm GIAI Trin. In accordance with this formula, we can easily identify with corruption in his expression: more exclusive additional information hiding, the absence of (non-) reporting.

Cong cu Nhan Dang Tham Nhung Tay Cho được ban chat Cua Tham Nhung, mA Con người là Yeu Quan Tham Gia Trong HLW. Tool for detection of corruption that is the nature of corruption, where people are important factors.


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